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Menschen Verboten (No Humans Allowed)

April 25, 2018




Alle Fotos und Grafiken von Philipp Heinlein

Hätte jemand uns Menschen gefragt, gäbe es nicht zehn Gebote, sondern mindestens hundert. Gott sei Dank hat keiner gefragt./ If someone had asked us humans there would not be ten commandments but at least a hundred. Thank God no one asked us.

Eine Installation in der Radwegekirche Kreuzkirche Möhringen (Tuttlingen) vom 13. Mai bis 3. Oktober 2018. Täglich geöffnet von 9:00 – 18:00 Uhr.

Projekt-Weblog »Menschen Verboten«

> Website Radwegekirchen



The World in ten minutes

March 10, 2018

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-10 um 17.50.09
Today I needed a simple world map. The internet is full of world maps, but I did not find a simple one that only represents a world map without being too accurate (and having too many points for that). That‘s why I did that. Here it is, enjoy the the simple, quick-and-dirty free vector world map. Feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes.

Conditions of use: CC BY NC

simple_world_map_vector (pdf)

Puppet Squid

January 3, 2018

Happy new year everybody. No matter how many legs you have.

kitsch for cash 2017

December 3, 2017

Best wishes for 2018.

Queer in Munich

July 21, 2017

Being a convinced couchsurfer for years I recently did a logo for the Queer in Munich CS Group.


April 21, 2017

Growth meter. Digital print on forex board.
It‘s possible to leave personal marks on the left side.

Smaragd project proposal (rejected)

February 5, 2017


see full size gif (600 x 900)

The idea is to indicate the river visually in the metro tunnels. The working title Smaragd (Emerald) refers to the colour of the Isar river which should be visible in the tunnels.

Smaragd has been my recent contribution to a project competition for art in public space by the City of Munich. I wanted to win official support for the idea and a budget to continue the work professionally. From this point, the project is a question of power and public relations. The idea needs professional work and good friends to grow.

The City of Munich rejected the project in January 2017. I am open for new strategies, partnerships and maybe another city.

DLAN Documentation

November 18, 2016

Documentation of the DLAN project

kitsch for cash 2015

December 27, 2015


best wishes for 2016.

CiS Yearbook

November 29, 2015

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-29 um 13.10.16

Yearbook for CiS Institute. Editorial Design, Layout for design:lab weimar gmbh.

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