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Invitation card

March 12, 2017

Invitation card to a baptism. A6, risographic reproduction with solid colours (blue, gold metallic).

Folding Bellows Lamp

January 28, 2017


Starting with an ordinary sheet of drawing paper I did some experiments with folding bellows. The shape is an extruded rhombus.  It has a broad and a narrow side. The narrow side saves space & keeps the minimum distance to the lamp, the broad side makes the visual surface bigger which keeps the light softer. The construction of the lamp is a highly improvised solution made out of bicycle pieces for testing the light appearance. It is important to mention that the lamp is a low-power lamp which does not produce any heat.

diy kitchen bench

January 9, 2017

dsc_0076_31395779893_o dsc_0077_31830445720_o dsc_0078_31830450340_o dsc_0079_32206143495_o

3,30 meters of bench (in two pieces) for the dlw munich office kitchen. Maritime pine plywood, assembled with 12 screws each. Stacked on one another they become a bar with the usual working height of 90 cm.

DLAN Documentation

November 18, 2016

Documentation of the DLAN project


April 24, 2016

Let’s build a sound bridge across the Isar river. A piano located on the island in the middle of the river will be connected to both river sides with tin-phones.
Project submitted for PMIY Munich competition, to be set up in september 2016.

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DIY attack I

February 12, 2016

It’s time for some new features for the house.




C 40

October 31, 2015


My brother turned 40 this year.

BMW interface concept

October 1, 2015

7-series-sedan-driving-assistant-04-de.jpg.resource.1432819638922 7-series-sedan-driving-assistant-05-de.jpg.resource.1432819644659At this year’s IAA fair BMW presented the first cars of the 7 series that contain the new interface concept we’ve been working on for the last three years. It‘s the first occasion to publicly show some immages of this work. All immages have been taken from BMW’s website:


September 15, 2015

Zeichen für den Umgang mit Geflüchteten. [english below.]
Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-15 um 12.50.28
Derzeit passieren täglich tausende Flüchtlinge meine Stadt. Tausende von Münchnern helfen ihnen freiwillig. Um über Sprachgrenzen hinweg für Orientierung und Klarheit zu sorgen, können Symbole gute Dienste leisten. Die Symbole sind frei Hand gezeichnet und vektorisiert. Ziel ist eine klare, warme, freundliche und betont unprätentiöse Tonart.

Download latest version: Griassdi.otf

(available until 22 sept)

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Arte +7 – I can do it myself.

November 23, 2014

Arte +7 I can do it myself from philipp heinlein on Vimeo.

I’m currently unhappy with the streaming performance of my favourite tv channel Arte. I asked them when this would change but I only got an automatically generated reply that didn’t answer my question. I appreciate Arte’s program (therefore I’m pleased to pay my contribution for it) but as long as the streaming doesn’t work better I can get the same result for much less effort then they do.

Everybody can do that, just download my indispensable Arte +7 Streaming Kit (PDF, 830k) and enjoy a nice handicraft evening instead of not seing anything on tv.