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My first Karpf’n

December 27, 2015


Christmas gift for young franconian expats.


Bolzano Trade Fair Orientation System

January 10, 2014

All Photos by Marco Parisi /

KP-bassa risol.-2 KP-bassa risol.-5 KP-bassa risol.-6 KP-bassa risol.-7 KP-bassa risol.-13 KP-bassa risol.-15 KP-bassa risol.-16 KP-bassa risol.-17

just arrived: Some immages of the new orientation system for the Bolzano trade fair.
Designed in collaboration with Bolzano students Carina Ostermayer, Beatrice Tamagnini, Julia Vogt. The project is an offspring of the Messe Bozen – Orientierung und Identität Workshop in September 2012.

Un movimento quotidiano

April 23, 2013

1213_gransinigh_luca1213_Biasetton_Noemi1 1213_Biasetton_Noemi2 1300_bisogno_elettra 1300_carazzai_marianna 1300_diana_varlan 1300_gamzatova_klein 1300_gamzatova2_klein 1300_Merlo_Matilde 1300_Moggio_Eugenio_phi 1300_Pasina_Marianna 2012_13_Gasperat_Federica 2013_Borgese_Irene 2013_pfitscher_christian SS_Galavotti_Maria-Naomi SS_Martinuzzi_Anna SS13_Keller_Ellen ws13_veider_martina

Handmade gifs from the students of my drawing lecture. The subject was un movimento quotidiano / an everyday move. Within two sessions the students generated a lot of crafted animations. The artists on this page are: Noemi Biasetton, Elettra Bisogno, Marianna Carazzai, Aysiat Gamzatova, Luca Gransinigh, Matilde Merlo, Eugenio Moggio, Marianna Pasina, Federica Gasperat, Irene Borgese, Maria-Naomi Galavotti, Anna Martinuzzi, Ellen Keller, Diana Varlan, Martina Veider. Pls don‘t hesitate to contact me if somebody‘s missing.

handmade gifs

March 14, 2013

blatt_klein notizbuch_klein schere_klein stecker_klein

some quick & dirty handmade gif animations for my drawing class. Wanted to try it out before I ask my students to do it.

Workshop: Orientation and Identity / Bolzano Fair

August 29, 2012

The Workshop »Orientierung und Identität am Beispiel Messe Bozen« had the scope to propone visions for a better service offer to the visitors, exhibitors and partners of the Bolzano Fair regarding the orientation at the fair. A group of eight students from the Faculty of Design and Art in Bolzano developed three visionary projects that were presented to the fair board on sept. 19, 2012.
It was a pleasure to lead this workshop together with Prof. Kuno Prey from the Faculty and Sibylle Schlaich, Berlin-based wayfinding expert and partner at Moniteurs design studio.

The workshop was organized as a joint-venture between the Bolzano Fair and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Workshop Participants: Inga Brown GB, Jacopo Drago I, Sandra Sordini I, Carina Ostermayer D, Liviana Osti, I, Beatrice Tamagnini I, Andreas Trenker I, Julia Vogt D.

zona magazine

January 15, 2011

Zona magazine, a semestral supplement to the italian Abitare magazine produced by the Bolzano faculty of desgn and art. I had the pleasure to design it from scratch and keep the art direction over more than three years and three editors.

Thanks to all of them are available also online:

zona#7 – stories of a hotel
zona#6 – the knowledge of design
zona#5 – eclogical aethetics
zona#4 – ornament
zona#3 – blurring boundaries
zona#2 – signs in the city
zona#1 – for safety reasons
zona#0 – gli altri


October 31, 2010

Exhibition of a thesis project at the Grassimesse in Leipzig, Germany
corporate design, photography, copy, graphic design, exhibition design

with Giovanna Zanghellini


September 11, 2010

Naming, copywriting and key visual for the opening of the new workshops of faculty of design and art. Printed publications, banners, accessoires.

photography (running students) by luca meneghel

arriva il design kommt

June 5, 2010

Name, identity and exhibition- / information graphics for an exhibition in the Unterland region.

io tourist

May 30, 2010

A bolzano design student personalized our corporate shirt in an individual way. I am always pleased when I find out that some of my projects start their own life »out there«.

photo: kuno prey