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September 16, 2014


In my diploma thesis ten years ago I presented a conceptual scenario of reading from digital devices. Back then, there were no smartphones, no tablets, no kindles or other devices available. Today all of them are industrial standard, the internet became mobile and epub is a widespread format for reading of digital texts. So here are my basic ideas, finally readable in the way, they were about.


(free download, via epubbud)

some notes about the reedition process.

My creative objectives of the reedition were: To create an open, dynamic typographic design, esthetically corresponding with the fixed layout of my thesis. No orphans or widows. No page brakes below the images. linked endnotes. No embedded fonts. Just stuff that will probabely look well on many gadgets.

How-to? This is the method I ended up with.

1. preparation (indesign):
– consistent formatting of chars & pars
– implement custom formats for hanging indents & captions
– keep footnotes linked
– set anchors for table of contents
– create a decent cover.

2. postproduction (sigil):
– implement correct language / hyphenation.
– delete local chars & pars (seach & destroy indesign generated code crap)
– add anchors to table of contents
– delete even more Indesign-generated crap:  inline-image frames, footnote-divs.
– simplify & tune css strongly
– set pseudoklassen to avoid ugly formatting.

Summary: ePubbing is not yet wysiwyg.


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