Un movimento quotidiano

April 23, 2013

1213_gransinigh_luca1213_Biasetton_Noemi1 1213_Biasetton_Noemi2 1300_bisogno_elettra 1300_carazzai_marianna 1300_diana_varlan 1300_gamzatova_klein 1300_gamzatova2_klein 1300_Merlo_Matilde 1300_Moggio_Eugenio_phi 1300_Pasina_Marianna 2012_13_Gasperat_Federica 2013_Borgese_Irene 2013_pfitscher_christian SS_Galavotti_Maria-Naomi SS_Martinuzzi_Anna SS13_Keller_Ellen ws13_veider_martina

Handmade gifs from the students of my drawing lecture. The subject was un movimento quotidiano / an everyday move. Within two sessions the students generated a lot of crafted animations. The artists on this page are: Noemi Biasetton, Elettra Bisogno, Marianna Carazzai, Aysiat Gamzatova, Luca Gransinigh, Matilde Merlo, Eugenio Moggio, Marianna Pasina, Federica Gasperat, Irene Borgese, Maria-Naomi Galavotti, Anna Martinuzzi, Ellen Keller, Diana Varlan, Martina Veider. Pls don‘t hesitate to contact me if somebody‘s missing.


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