recent photos from Bolzano Trade Fair

January 10, 2014

All Photos by Marco Parisi /

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just arrived: Some immages of the new orientation system for the Bolzano trade fair.
Designed in collaboration with Bolzano students Carina Ostermayer, Beatrice Tamagnini, Julia Vogt. The project is an offspring of the Messe Bozen – Orientierung und Identität Workshop in September 2012.

kitsch for cash

December 13, 2013


Review: Afritecture

November 8, 2013

14.09.2013 – 02.02.2014
Pinakothek der Moderne
Architekturmuseum der TU München

Aktuelle Architekturprojekte aus Aufrika werden in einer schönen Wabenpappinstallation vorgestellt. Die Entwürfe stehen in ihrer Innovation und im Gemeinschaftsgeist, der zu ihrer Realisierung aufgebracht wird, in bemerkenswertem Kontrast zur Münchner Immobilienwirklichkeit vor den Toren der Pinakothek. Zwei konzeptionelle Ideen an der Ausstellung fallen auf:

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30 TRB

August 20, 2013


30 Thüringer Rostbratwürste. Aus gegebenem Anlass.

Hitech Company Logo

July 8, 2013


The Taiwanese Company Hitech Energy is specialized on AC Power supplies. They asked me to design a new company logo that represents their core business.

Pedelec Adventures Iceland Challenge 2013


The first “business journey” of the new logo is an adventure trip to island, where some experts are testing particular off-road e-bikes equipped with Hitech’s Batteries.

(Foto: Susanne Brüsch)

Merkantil pictogram font

June 14, 2013


Within a current Project in the South Tyrol region a pictogram font was needed. We quickly found out that we would need a custom font that fits with both cultures – the german/austrian and the italian one. So I did this one which I called Merkantil. I did this with fontforge, a great open-source editing tool (once you managed to install it).

Enjoy a sample of the entire font.

Cancellation Camp – No Humans Allowed

June 3, 2013

As a designer and as a citizen I do not agree with the concept of crossing out somebody – at least I would not like to be crossed out by anybody. Respect of human beings should not allow us to do so. Anyway it‘s a quite common phenomenon in visual communication as my continuously growing collection demonstrates.

(collection est. 2011)

update one: participate with the collection.

update two: the collection on


April 28, 2013


Since last year I‘m doing automotive interface concept & design together with my university fellow Hendrik Lührs‘ Weimar Office designlab. The drawing illustrates the matter our work is about.

Un movimento quotidiano

April 23, 2013

1213_gransinigh_luca1213_Biasetton_Noemi1 1213_Biasetton_Noemi2 1300_bisogno_elettra 1300_carazzai_marianna 1300_diana_varlan 1300_gamzatova_klein 1300_gamzatova2_klein 1300_Merlo_Matilde 1300_Moggio_Eugenio_phi 1300_Pasina_Marianna 2012_13_Gasperat_Federica 2013_Borgese_Irene 2013_pfitscher_christian SS_Galavotti_Maria-Naomi SS_Martinuzzi_Anna SS13_Keller_Ellen ws13_veider_martina

Handmade gifs from the students of my drawing lecture. The subject was un movimento quotidiano / an everyday move. Within two sessions the students generated a lot of crafted animations. The artists on this page are: Noemi Biasetton, Elettra Bisogno, Marianna Carazzai, Aysiat Gamzatova, Luca Gransinigh, Matilde Merlo, Eugenio Moggio, Marianna Pasina, Federica Gasperat, Irene Borgese, Maria-Naomi Galavotti, Anna Martinuzzi, Ellen Keller, Diana Varlan, Martina Veider. Pls don‘t hesitate to contact me if somebody‘s missing.

handmade gifs

March 14, 2013

blatt_klein notizbuch_klein schere_klein stecker_klein

some quick & dirty handmade gif animations for my drawing class. Wanted to try it out before I ask my students to do it.


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